Michael J. Langford

I have devoted my career to criminal defense, and I bring more than a decade of experience as a defense attorney. I strongly believe every case is different and must be handled with meticulous care and discretion. I understand that clients come from all walks of life and my goal is to reach a positive outcome for all of my clients through aggressive but calculated representation.  I understand that criminal charges and penalties can affect your freedom, reputation, and career, and I will fight for my clients.

I will aggressively protect my client’s interests to the absolute limit of the law.  I will protect your rights and interests from the initial government investigation and pre-trial preparations, through negotiations, jury trial, and if necessary, appeal.  I am no stranger to high-stakes, high-pressure situations, and I will go to battle to protect my client’s interests. I combine both the human element and solid legal strategy to position my clients for the best possible outcome in each case.

I pledge to assess your criminal exposure as fully and efficiently as possible, to provide you a clear, candid assessment of that exposure and then, based on my discussions with you, to devise and execute the best legal strategy possible in order to protect your interests. You deserve nothing less.