Federal Crimes Defense


Federal Crimes

Facing Federal criminal charges or investigations is stressful and extremely serious.  Federal crimes carry strict penalties, including possible minimum mandatory sentencing, heavy fines, restitution, supervised release and lengthy incarceration.  If you are involved in a Federal criminal case, it is very important to take your defense seriously. It is important to have an attorney that has a firm grasp on the complexities of Federal criminal statutes, Federal rules of criminal procedure, and sentencing guidelines. Michael is an experienced attorney who understands and appears in the Federal Courts frequently.  If you are currently facing or preparing to face Federal criminal charges, or being investigated for serious allegations of Federal misconduct, Michael can help protect you and your future.  He has defended cases involving:

  • Distribution of Controlled Substances
  • Criminal Immigration issues
  • Money Laundering
  • White Collar Fraud
  • Criminal Conspiracy
  • Child Pornography
  • Bank Robbery
  • and many other types of Federal crimes.

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